RS8 Restoration
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Before Restoration Begins

Preliminary Work

Photographs taken at the Darley Dale yard show the condition of RS8 before restoration begins, and the scale of the task ahead.
Before RS8 can be dismantled any pipes or fittings connecting the various components to the chassis must be removed. RS8 is brought inside to carry out this work

Historic Photographs

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Photographs of RS8 and other locos at work in Tunstead Quarry, Derbyshire
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Dismantling Begins

RS8 is taken outside once again so that the work of dismantling the loco can commence. Some parts will be taken to Matlock for shotblasting. Other parts will be taken by road to the Sigma6 Workshops at Tunstead Quarry for refurbishment.
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Down to the Chassis

The chassis is brought back into Geoffrey Briddon Building so that the chassis can be dismantled. The front leaf springs are removed and signs of welding reveal where the chassis was extended to accommodate the diesel power unit.
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The Last Bits

The last components are removed from RS8 chassis before it will be parted from its axles. The Gearbox, Torsion Bar, Suspension, Braking system are all removed..
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Dismantling Complete!

The final part of the dismantling process is to lift the chassis from the axles. The Sigma 6 Grove crane is brought down from Tunstead to carry out the work.
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Rebuilding Begins

Less than five months since the project started, the rebuilding of RS8 begins. The chassis has been shotblasted and painted in primer. The axles have been stripped, and a ‘new’ part has arrived at the Geoffrey Briddon building.
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