The Last Bits

RS8 Restoration
Safety first! A Risk Assessment for the work is prepared.
… and soon the gearbox is removed
The gearbox and torsion bar assembly
The task begins…
The torsion bar assembly is next
Ballast plates are removed from the front of the loco.
… and lifted out of the chassis
The gearbox sump is taken from the drive axle…
The rear axle with bearings and drive gear.
The team contemplate the next stage…
After several weeks work the end of the dismantling stage is at last in sight.  Allen, Jack, Liam and Nigel from Tunstead join Peter Briddon  to remove the final components from RS8 chassis.
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Back to work…
… at last the chassis is taken outside ready for the wheels to be removed
Specialist gear is needed to remove the last of the components
The team pose for a photograph