September 2018

RS8 Restoration
The engine is lowered into place
Torque converter and the gearbox face each other
The engine firmly attached
The air horn is fitted
The rear stone guard is fitted
The control panel seen through the stone guard
Preparation of the dashboard
Control linkages
A view of the cab as the first linkages are installed
Instrument panel
September saw the engine installed into the chassis. Components  were added to the exterior and interior of the cab. Buffers and springs  were fitted and the wheel rods were made ready for the wheels.
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Welding the battery box
Battery box complete and ready for painting.
Rear buffers
Buffer woods in place
Refurbished front springs
Engine front view
… and from the side.
Wheels ready for the wheel rods
Refurbished wheel rods
Wheel rod bearings designed over a hundred years ago