From Wirksworth to Darley Dale

RS8 Restoration
At the National Stone Centre, Wirksworth
A special ramp to winch RS8 onto the transporter.
Volvo STGO Category 3 transporter
Five axles support the trailer
Final checks before winching RS8 aboard
The winching begins
The wheels turn for the first time in years
The powerful winch brings RS8 up the ramp
Safely aboard…
… and ready to go.
With the help of a Volvo STGO Cat 3 of Heanor Heavy Haulage  RS8  is brought from the National Stone Centre at Wirksworth to join the Andrew Briddon Loco Collection at Darley Dale.
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The 4.6 metre bridge at Matlock is a challenge
Cautiously coming through under watchfull eyes
Made it with centimetres to spare
Safely into Matlock town centre…
… and onwards to Darley Dale.
Reversing off the main road…
… and into the Briddon yard.
Back down the ramp…
,,, and safely on solid ground again.
RS8 awaits restoration.