Rebuilding Begins

RS8 Restoration
Newly painted and basking in the late summer sun.
The slides where the axles will be seated.
The engine compartment to the front…
… and the transmission to the rear.
A stamp gives a clue to the origin of the steel.
The cleansing process of the sandblasting has revealed areas in need of attention
The metallic sheen of the transmission gears
The axles are brought inside to protect from the elements…
The bearing lubrication pads will need renewing
A ‘new’ part. A refurbished brake valve.
The dismantling of RS8 has been completed in less than five months since the project began The chassis has been shot blasted and painted in primer. The axles have been brought inside to protect from the elements and a ‘new’ part has arrived  - a refurbished brake valve.
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