Where it all began

RS8 Restoration
The rear axle must be fitted into the gearbox sump
Fitting the axle boxes
An axle box fits to the axle and the chassis
An axle box is prepared for fitting
A front axle box is secured
A rear axle box is complete
A last look at the rear axle gears and bearings before the gearbox is fitted.
Paul begins the lift
The axle is lowered into the gearbox sump
… and slots in perfectly.
RS8 will be reassembled in the loco shop of  South Central Workshops. The very place where  she was converted into a diesel in 1959.
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The gearbox has its final preparations before being lowered onto the sump
Slowly it is lined up with the sump.
The team take a well earned breather,
The rear axle is ready for the chassis…
… and the chassis is ready to be reunited with the axles.