Dismantling Begins

RS8 Restoration
The first item to be removed is the engine cowling
The cowling is safely down
The cab will be removed now.
The twin fuel tanks are exposed and are next to go
Contemplating the removal of the drive train
The engine is removed first
The chassis is starting to look very empty
The engine is lowered safely to the ground
The engine cowling and other items are loaded up
Items for shot- blasting set off for Chesterfield
The dismantling of RS8 begins. Some parts will  go to Chesterfield for shotblasting. Other parts  will be transported by road to the Sigma6  Workshops at Tunstead
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The torque converter is parted from the engine
The torque converter
The flywheel
The torque converter is sent away …
Oiled gears still shining…
...taken apart and renovated as required
Some parts have suffered some wear and tear…
Outside the engine is loaded on the wagon
The new engine is also loaded and sets of to Tunstead
But overall the years have not been as unkind as it was feared…