A Temporary Home

RS8 Restoration
RS8 leaves the Tarmac workshop for the last tim.
RS8 is unloaded onto the track…
Loading onto the low loader…
… Transporting to the track.
… at the ‘Dog’s Home’ refuelling area.
Safely back on the ground.
Two generations of shunter side by side.
Dovedale, an elderly shunter is ready to depart the quarry.
RS8 makes it’s way southward…
… under it’s own power…
RS8 is removed from the Tunstead Workshop for the last time and transported  by low loader the short distance to the track. The next stage of the journey, to  the Tunstead Siding maintenance facility, is taken under RS8’s own power.  RS8 will stay here until she is officially declared ‘Restored’.
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… to the Tunstead Siings maintenance facility
Inside the maintence facility awaiting the next adventure.