RS8 Restoration
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Friday 31st March 2017: A last look before RS8 enters the workshop

In July 2016 the opportunity of acquiring a Rolls-Royce C6N-powered genset was taken. The plan is that the engine will provide a replacement for the elderly prime mover in RS8.

Monday 24th April 2017: Tunstead Apprentices at work on RS8

Opportunity was taken at the end of March visit the Darley Dale yard and see RS8 for one last time before she enters the Geoffrey Briddon Building to begin the work of dismantling and restoration.
RS8 has been brought inside and work has started on cleaning and dismantling the loco. The guard at the rear of the loco has been removed before the loco was brought inside. Two apprentices from Tunstead are working alongside the Briddons.
On 10th June 2016, RS8 was collected from the National Stone Centre and transported direct to Darley Dale. Normal procedure would have been to deliver to Rowsley and tow it southwards. However, as it had not turned a wheel for more than 20 years it was considered too risky to do this, so it was delivered directly to the Briddon yard at Darley Dale. (Photo by Andrew Hurrell)

Friday 10th June 2016: RS8 arrives at Darley Dale yard

July 2016: A replacement Rolls-Royce C6 engine

Thursday 22nd June 2017: Dismantling continues and a discovery is made

RS8 is barely recognisable now that everything has been removed from above the chassis. However the dismantling is far from complete. During the dismantling process welds are discovered towards the front of the loco. This would be where, during the original conversion, the chassis was extended to accommodate the diesel power unit which required more room than the steam engine.
Allen, Jack, Liam & Nigel from Tunstead help Peter Briddon in the final stages of dismantling RS8 The gearbox assembly must be removed. The rear suspension and braking systems must also be taken apart so that the chassis can be lifted from its axles.

2nd, 3rd & 10th August: A team from Tunstead arrives to help remove the last components from the chassis

5 September: RS8’s Chassis Leaves for Tunstead

A specialist team arrives from Tunstead to transport the freshly shotblasted and painted chassis from the Darley Dale yard to Tunstead Workshops. With Dale at the controls of the Sigma 6 Grove Crane and Andy at ground level controlling the lift, the chassis is lowered onto the Sigma 6 wagon with expert precision.
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